Kitchen Lab
The space for innovation in South Tyrol food industry

About us

A test kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art facilities open to anyone looking to develop new food products. This sums up the NOI Techpark Kitchen Lab in a nutshell. From members of the agricultural industry wishing to explore new direct marketing opportunities to startup founders with brilliant product ideas, R&D staff working for large food processing companies and researchers, this makerspace provides the ideal environment for everyone. Whether you wish to play around or experiment with product ideas or to work alone or in cooperation with external experts or partner companies to develop prototypes or manufacture test batches, the lab is the right place for you.

The Kitchen Lab is also the perfect venue for seminars, workshops and presentations requiring the latest processing technology. Here, there are no barriers to entry for anyone involved in developing innovations or transferring technology in the South Tyrolean food sector.

NOI Techpark

In Bolzano Bozen, in the heart of South Tyrol, the gateway between the German and Italian cultural heritage, fertile ground for a new dynamic in the international field of scientific research is being prepared. The innovation district which opened in 2017 does not practise a conventional, purely quantitative growth philosophy, but rather a new and sustainable form of research and development. Here, networks of private firms, research institutions and universities are being set up to create new products and services which will add value to the lives of people, society in general and the surrounding countryside. Energy efficiency, living conditions, comfort and safety will all be improved. More agreeable and sustainable foods will be developed. Everyday processes are being automated. Around 500 researchers, entrepreneurs, people employed in start-ups, students, experts and brilliant minds are working on topics like these, day in day out.

Food Technologies

Quality and regional origin are two of the trends expected to shape the food sector in the decades to come. South Tyrol has always been a frontrunner in this field and is continuing to break new ground in NOI’s food labs. Here, developers create innovative products from regional raw ingredients and test techniques for refining South Tyrol’s high-quality produce, such as wine, dairy products, fruit, baked goods and meat products.

The research focuses on using chemical food analyses to enhance quality control procedures, on performing isotope analyses to determine the origin of ingredients and raw materials and on improving production processes. What’s more, food manufacturers can recreate their processing chains in the lab in order to optimise every single production step, no matter how small.


As the research and technology hub for the food sector within NOI Techpark, the Tech-Transfer Food Technologies unit supports innovation and product development in South Tyrol’s food industry.

Our activities focus on using research and technology to help create new, innovative food products. Within NOI Techpark, we achieve this by acting as a point of contact between companies and researchers at a regional and at an international level. We promote technology transfer by offering attractive services to South Tyrol’s food industry:

  • Events where knowledge is shared to give companies insights into trends and how to use new technologies
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities to bring companies into contact with the right partners for innovative projects
  • Consulting and support service for businesses requiring specialist guidance with their research and development projects

All the important players within South Tyrol’s food sector are closely involved with the unit – from research institutes and experts to companies and startups as well as industry associations, consortia and educational institutes.