Kitchen Lab
The space for innovation in South Tyrol's food industry

Innovative, open, market-driven: we are the Kitchen Lab

The NOI Techpark test kitchen features cutting-edge technology and is open to anyone looking to develop new products in the food industry. Are you curious to know who has already visited us? Examples include farmers wishing to break new ground in direct marketing, start-ups with red-hot product ideas, staff from large food companies driving R&D forward and researchers testing potential recipes. The Kitchen Lab is where theory is put into practice, prototypes are created, test series are conducted, and ideas are fine tuned. The best part? You can put together your dream team: whether you want to work independently, with partner companies or in collaboration with external experts.

The Kitchen Lab is the perfect host for seminars, workshops and presentations requiring cutting-edge food processing technology. Barriers to entry? Not with us. Are you looking for innovation and technology transfer in South Tyrol’s food industry? That is exactly what we support.

Ahead of the future: NOI Techpark

NOI Techpark is South Tyrol’s innovation district. Private companies, research institutions and the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano work here on ecological and economic advancements for society. Keeping pace with the times – if not one step ahead – they create solid networks and provide the infrastructure and know-how to carry out research and development.

NOI does not just stand for Nature of Innovation; we live and breathe it. So, while the world inundates us with questions, we transform it with solutions. This is how innovation thrives at NOI, one moment it can be steady, the next – disruptive. But there is one constant in the work we do: sustainability. The research conducted here focuses on four core technical areas: Green, Food, Digital and Automotive & Automation. Nine hundred entrepreneurs, start-uppers, researchers, and students work here every day to ensure that business and research are closely linked – creating a forward-looking region and sustainable progress.

Quality from the knowledge of the region: food technologies

Health and sustainability are the trends that will shape the food industry in the coming decades. In this regard, South Tyrol has been a leader for quite some time. In the NOI food labs, we are further expanding on these areas of strength. Have we utilised everything, or are there bioactive substances in waste materials that we can extract and recombine? How can we increase our knowledge on the effects and preservation of ingredients? And what could personalised nutritional solutions look like? These types of questions pique our curiosity and keep us busy. We develop innovative food products from regional ingredients. Our laboratories and pilot facilities specialise in the following categories: bread, milk, meat, wine and beer, fruit and vegetables.

We conduct research with a purpose. With chemical food analyses, we can improve quality controls, for example. Isotope analysis helps determine the origin of ingredients and raw materials. We examine production processes with the advantage of having an outside perspective and expertise behind us. Food manufacturers can reconstruct their processing chains in our laboratory and optimise each production step.