Kitchen Lab
Food Prototyping at NOI

From idea to finished product: the Kitchen Lab’s recipe for success

What brews innovation in the food sector? Your idea, our know-how, a dash of design and market research – and heaps of enthusiasm.

Together with our network of partners and experts, we work to turn your product or recipe idea into a marketable prototype. We throw our extensive service portfolio into the pot, you toss in your creativity – and then we get started: first, we analyse the competition, product positioning and concept development. Then, we fine-tune your recipe and optimise it all the way to pilot production. Concerns about new technologies, food safety, legal considerations, financial support? We are here to guide you comprehensively and competently. Once everything is clear, we will get down to business: together, we will carry out sensory tastings and test the prototype on the market – until everything about your masterpiece is just right!

Our state-of-the-art test kitchen also welcomes you for seminars, workshops and presentations tailored to the food sector.

From small farms to resourceful start-ups to international companies in the food industry, we are here to help pave your path to new horizons.