Kitchen Lab
Food Prototyping at NOI

Develop. Produce. Host events.

Optimise recipes. Produce food. Host tastings. The Kitchen Lab at NOI Techpark is a breeding ground for ideas and a hub for developing prototypes and sharing experiences. You can quickly and cost-effectively work on new food products, production processes or recipes, test the latest processing technologies and host events without major barriers to entry. We are a test kitchen: you can work independently here – or you can book the equipment, including service and support from our experts.


Kitchen Lab

Great ideas need space.

Research. Develop. Test. Our Kitchen Lab team is eagerly waiting for you and your product ideas. What are you waiting for? We are already firing up the equipment.

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Take your business to the next level!

Developing ideas also means making marketable products. Our Kitchen Lab offers you the space, equipment, and services to do just that. Wield a wooden spoon, taste and improve flavours, design packaging: with us, everyone gets involved.

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Your test series are in good hands.

The Kitchen Lab gives free rein to creativity and ignites the spirit of innovation. When it comes to safety, we work with the strictest standards. Rest assured, we are also here to advise you on safe production.

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